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Make your presentation more persuasive by making your points stronger. Here is some language to help you:


 a total disaster

The whole project was a total disaster from beginning to end.

extremely good

We have an extremely good chance of getting the contract.

a terrible mistake

It wasn’t a minor error. It was a terrible mistake and cost us millions to put right.

much cheaper

Even if we had taken five per cent off our prices, we wouldn’t have got the contract. They were much cheaper than us.

one hundred per cent certain

There is not the slightest doubt. I am one hundred per cent certain that that is what happened.

highly competitive

This is a highly competitive market. I am not sure we should enter it.

far too expensive

The Chinese and Koreans can offer much lower prices. We are far too expensive.

even better

Their previous smart phone was good but this is even better.

fully aware

I am fully aware of all the risks but I still think we should do it.

absolutely no chance

There is absolutely no chance that we will lose the contract. They love our work.


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